Website Accessibility & Usability Checklist

Mirela Prifti
1 min readJan 14, 2023


Requirements and useful resources

Web accessibility is not a distinct aspect of a website design but rather an integral part of overall usability.

By including accessibility principles in our design and development process, we can better identify barriers and find solutions that make websites more inclusive and user-friendly.

Below you’ll find a checklist of web accessibility requirements and links to resources on how to apply them and create better digital experiences.

By clicking on each item on the checklist, you’ll get to the resource. Resources are from:
▸ W3C Web Accessibility Initiative
▸ W3Schools
▸ MDN Web Docs
▸ WebAIM
▸ Microsoft

Basic accessibility requirements

Headings structure

Alt text for images

Captions for multimedia

Descriptive link content

Different states for interactive elements

Contrast between text & background




Keyboard navigation

Advanced accessibility requirements

Relative units for text

Flexible layouts

Choice of words

Visual impairment testing

Blinking and flashing content

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